Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Burn

::: Must read - The Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter
3 myths that block progress for the poor:
- Poor countries are doomed to stay poor.
- Foreign aid is a big waste.
- Saving lives leads to overpopulation.
So so good.

::: Grading the B and MG annual letter

::: The smart contact lens project by... of course... Google.
As the husband of a diabetic, this would be incredible.
Link via my friend Travis

::: 19 hard things you need to do to be successful
Link via Ben Arment

::: Tracking the Church Planting Class of 2010

::: Rule 169: People collectively have an unlimited amount of free time. - @pmarca

Photo: Sheng girls on the move, Munich, July 2007.

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