Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Some Sons of Sheng

Loved hanging with these young men - they are like the sons that we never had, especially when they eat all those cheetos. [They were interns in 2010]

Some topics from our conversation of catching up:
Auto-ethnography, Christology and different realities, college campus ministry leadership, God speaking through dreams and visions, how to help high school students ask the right questions from missionaries, church planters and kingdom starters.

Both of these guys have some kind of career goals in cross cultural ministry - perhaps vocationally. This summer, John is probably headed back to Mozi and Andrew probably back to Kenya. Andrew is helping us with a little project later this month.

These guys are great examples of what can happen with Ember interns - suburban students learn about the realities of our global world, they get some real leadership experience, they make some decisions to structure their life around those goals. And then they go and do it. Then they come home and catch us up. And they do it again. [And they come back and help Ember when they can.]

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