Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcoming - NYC

An Ember team will be in NYC this coming weekend working with a team of high school students. We are thrilled for the opportunity which is first centered around helping out in Coney Island with some Hurricane Sandy relief. The rest of the weekend builds off that incorporating pieces of our core curriculum.

NYC forms an amazing backdrop for global leadership like most global cities with their array of cultures, economic strata and varied demographics all mixed in close proximity. It's a great environment for the stuff we love high school kids to get: culture, context, icons and how missions may look untraditional.

Ember was invited to facilitate this weekend by a leader we've worked with a few times. Like G we know that if you can show a high school kid the way the world really looks, like when they get exposed to and understand a bit about concepts like: poverty, economic systems, cultures, urbanization, for instance - they will maybe make significant choices to impact the world through what they study in college and their vocational choice.

Thanks for praying for safety while we travel, our guides for their leadership and for the boys as they learn about a world that is longing for someone to impact it. If you have a team interested in this kind of weekend global leadership immersion get in touch.

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