Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missional Imagination + Tangible Skills

I had lunch the other day with a small group of people discussing out of the box mission opportunities in an East Asia context. It was very much a 'missional imagination' [Alan Hirsch's term] session and you know I love that kind of stuff. We talked about stuff like:
- the need for demographic and ethnographic research in the area
- people starting some kind of business startup as a platform for mission
- helps people get to know the community while having a legitimate presence and good reputatio
- someone interested in international business but still very missions minded
- job creation is vital
- every government in the world is in favor of positive localized grassroots economic engines
- having legitimate skills as a missionary

The last point is important and gets more important as time goes on - we tell students that all the time. The missionary of the future has tangible skills. Get a degree that can get you a job and there will be a place for it in global missions.

If this kind of stuff interests you and you are under the age of 25, get in touch.

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