Monday, November 05, 2012

NovEmber Kindling

+ I dreamed about an Ember team of people helping out in NYC. The timing wasn't quite right though. And you know how I love NYC. The opportunity I had in mind had the right elements of something students can do with little preparation and starting something from nothing. It was not necessarily disaster-recovery related - most of the time, that kind of work is for experts.
+ As an experiment for myself, I blogged every week day in October. Remember, in 2005, when we used to do that?
+ Volleyball season is over for our 9th grader. She had a great season and is relishing getting back 2 hours a day.
+ I'm trying to organize some gatherings for missions people in the DMV on a more consistent basis. If you are local and interested in this and I haven't talked to you about this, would you let me know please? I've got lots of people on my list that need to connect.
+ Ember is getting ready to choose a marketing company to do some work. I might be placing too much weight on the name of firms.
+ Are you listening to these talks by Seth Godin?
+ Did you see how Shaun King used Amazon Prime to get diapers delivered to a homeless youth shelter hit by Sandy?
+ Dea and I went to the installation service for our friend Perrin Rogers becoming lead pastor of the Triumphant Church. What a significant, amazing event.

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