Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GRACE student missions refinements

GRACE church is continuing to refine their student missions ethos and Ember is thrilled to continue to learn with them. They have the fortunate circumstance of having very mature and capable leadership and since they have been doing this thing for a while, experience that helps mold mature processes. [Disclosure: my family and I attend GRACE and I was the student missions coordinator a number of years ago. I also serve as an adviser to the Global Missions Director at GRACE.]

For this coming summer, they've outlined five different expressions related to student missions: local, domestic, international, leadership development, and exploratory. I love the way these are outlined because it reflects a lot of wisdom and experience about cultural distance, how to grow leaders, and the vital position of innovating past what you already do.

Not everyone can or should organize their student missions initiatives like this. But learn from these guys - at least be intentional about developing student leaders and pushing yourself and your team out of the current box.

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