Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Connecting in Cameroon

This is Todd and Gilles, somewhere in Cameroon, as a result of one short email and many years of friendship. Todd and I originally met when I took some interns to meet and hear a talk given by Steve Addison, a blogger I have followed for many years.

Gilles and I met when he proposed a missions idea to the now-disbanded Missions Task Force at GRACE church, way back in 2004. Gilles and his family have since hosted two teams
I've been involved with.

I love sending email introductions so when Todd told me he would be in Yaounde, I immediately thought about Gilles. 2 weeks later, they send me this picture. I absolutely love connecting global people like this. It's not always intuitive and straightforward, so it's a habit of thinking about who can be connected. So... who can you connect? And who can I connect you to?


  1. Ember...ignition...contact...connection. Yes!

  2. yeah matt so fun =)