Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Burn

::: The diffusion of innovation curve is moving
We now live in a society with more people more willing to change more often. And that means your customers are restless, and more likely to walk away if you don't treat them the way nerds want to be treated.
If Seth is right, this is HUGE.

::: Biolite stoves - NYC after Sandy

::: Four African girls have created a pee powered generator

::: Sometimes u gotta make the decision to put ur passion ahead of ur comfort. - @b_rewster

Photo: Ember guides and spawn. Darley Park, Baltimore, MD. March 2012.


  1. Hm. Two of my clients have requested to switch therapists after a relatively small number of sessions (most don't, don't worry, I'm not failing grad school :-P). But the first quote makes me think of this.

    *(Not that I'm saying they shouldn't meet with a therapist they think fits them well! But maybe the confidence/sense of a right to request so has grown.)

  2. hmm that is interesting. and i was thinking of that whole concept not just related to gadgets and mass culture but more like socially - how do we gather people and send them out if everyone is more geeky...