Monday, October 22, 2012

Ember Board - Reviewing the Wins

Ember's board of directors are an amazing group of individuals, well accomplished in their careers, families and hobbies and I'm incredibly fortunate to have such a group of missions patrons around myself and Ember. I meet with the Board twice a year officially, while spending time with them here and there outside of those meetings. The Board also hears from me just about every week in the form of a weekly status email.

I think that if you volunteer your time and energy to be a 'board member,' the person running the organization should overcommunicate. Overcommunicating means that the sender thinks they are sending too much while the receiver thinks they are receiving just enough.

I've been prepping for our meeting later this week, which includes reviewing our wins in order to share them. We've got a good list from this past season of Ember and when I say we, you blog reader, are included. It's a list to be proud of.

Ember Darley Park
Praxis Pitch Night
GCC Missions Prep
Brussels [although not officially an Ember project, but helps build our expertise]
Fall 2012 Intern

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