Monday, October 29, 2012

Notes - Ember's Oct BOD Meeting

As always, Ember board of directors are a huge encouragement to me. These folks give a good amount of time, energy and attention to encouraging, challenging and stretching me so that we do the same for the next generation. There are students out there that will be impacted by this team of people and will never even know who they are.

We held a board meeting last Friday night and here are some items of interest that I thought would be fun to share:

+ We are working in a connection economy as opposed to an industrial economy. As an organization, we have lots of relational equity in the sphere of student missions. See more from Seth Godin here.
+ Our momentum is growing slow and steady. We continue to make the pool of possible student missions people larger a little bit at a time here and there. I've tried to concentrate a little more of my time building new relationships to see if there are more students we can serve.
+ In the last three years, we have had around $27K in income and spent about $25K on student missions projects.
+ AZ2012 was a significant prototype and model for us in terms of student mission experiences. Think of it as 50% leadership lab and 50% missions experience, with an ethos of Jesus is already working in this place [versus us having to 'bring Jesus here.'] This ethos also translates into a calmer day by day schedule.
+ Trust as the bond for cohesive teams. For everything we do with teams, like assemble guide teams for projects or mission teams and for helping prepare other teams, building trust is priority #1.

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