Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Creative Revenue Plan Update

For those of you that have been tracking with the Creative Revenue Plan, here's one success story. DeannaK decided to take babysitting jobs for her Plan to help fund Ember AZ 2012 and here are the results:

$800 - total goal
$850 - total raised - 106% of goal
$180 - raised from Plan - 22%
$670 - raised from support letters - 78%

The initial idea also included bringing in some training in business skills to our teams. That didn't happen this summer but we'll try that again next time. My personal Plan didn't go quite as expected either, but that's okay. We knew these would be experiments that might flop.

Based on positive feedback from some career missions thought leaders, DeannaK's results and the nature of creative access being a requirement for future missionaries, we are going to keep continuing this in the future.

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