Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Catalysts Release

Ember's primary paradigm is to function as 'catalysts' and if we've done it right, we've not only sparked something in others, our guides might also be drawn towards other global leadership projects. If this happens, you'll figure out quickly if you are a real catalyst or not. Real catalysts release their resources when the timing is right.

Trevin [he's got a good streak of posts on his blog too] was our first official guide and he's contributed to lots of significant student missions projects with us. Late last week, he landed in Ghana where he's serving with a small microfarming organization for 6 weeks as a trial run to see if this fits for a long term opportunity. We are certainly proud of him for landing this opportunity - all of his background and training and passion seems to have prepared him for this next season.

Of course, it's bittersweet too. Releasing your best is never easy or fun. You now have a leadership gap. You are not sure how to execute your next set of projects. A big set of organizational wisdom walks out the door. But on the flip side, you have made room for someone else. Your organization grows outside your walls. And, hopefully, most obvious after you get over it, Jesus did a fantastical job of releasing people so that they could mark human history.

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