Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Missionary and Third Culture Kids

One of our good Ember friends is collecting some advice and tidbits for a friend who is moving to another culture to teach missionary and third culture kids. If you've got some experience in this arena, like you are a parent of some TCKs, or you have taught them, or you grew up as one, I know Emily would love to hear your advice in 3 sentences. Or pick your brain. Leave a comment or contact info.



  1. I want to wish her lots of success! I hope she has read "Third culture Kids, growing Among Worlds" by D.Pollock and R.van Reken. For TCKs it's important to just be there for them and listen to their stories. Teach them to tell their own stories. The most challenging time for TCKs is returning to their own passport country. It was great shock for me, nobody every told me what TCKs were and what I could expect. Want to know more? Check my blog.

  2. I'm no expert but could tell her about our experiences.

  3. Thank you so much everyone! Advice or just words of encouragement on the impact these teachers can have for MKs, TCKs, and their families, would be so appreciated. You can leave them here, on my blog, or email me: Thank you!!