Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Monday #1

Joshua Symonette [that's him standing in the blue] and I first became friends during a Vision Trek guide training weekend in Green Lake Wisconsin in 2008. He's the best example that I know of a leadership maven and he seems to know every ministry leader in DC.

On Easter Monday, Joshua hosted a small gathering of DC ministry leaders around the topic of diversity. Not only diversity of race, but of economic class, thought, and experience. It is undoubtedly an important topic for the Church today.

Loved some of the discussion which included ideas like: the default behavior of Christian leaders should be risk which includes crossing certain lines; the phone book of the leader tells you how diverse they really are; and the impact of the collaboration between Run DMC and Aerosmith for the remix of Walk This Way.

PS - Joshua has his own wiki page too.

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