Monday, April 02, 2012

April Kindling

+ Our summer Ember projects are finally starting to take some shape. Lots of adjustment and pushing and pulling.
+ Doing lots of planning for a short term student missions prep engagement. 3 hours on evening with team leaders and 4 hours the next day with leaders and students. Seems like a sweet spot for Ember as well as a conviction - most short term teams seem like they could have done just about anything and been better prepared.
+ Watch for signs of some Creative Revenue Plans coming very soon. Our teams are pretty behind in terms of financial milestones, but we'll give it a shot anyway.
+ The futurist in me is already thinking about Fall 2012. One emerging theme is reproduction.
+ Deanna has lost almost 40 pounds now. The discipline she has shown through this has been incredible. Our 11 year old Em got glasses. I got some lotion for a rash.
+ Reading Mike Breen, Jon Tyson and Vince Antonucci. If that doesn't slam the status quo, I don't know what does.

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