Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Burn

::: A Drug with a Self Destruct Switch
... a drug that creates a kind of viral self-destruct switch. In years to come it could be used to eradicate diseases from HIV to the common cold. "Forget the flu shot," wrote Men's Health. "How about a flu cure?"

::: MegaChurches Flying High for Now
... for younger church leaders who value mission, social activism, and innovation, the thought of maintaining the mega-institutions built by their parents generation may prove to be a tough sell. No matter what happens, the next 10-15 years are going to be critical ones for the future of the American megachurch movement.

::: Nigerias Plastic Bottle House

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  1. "Earned four degrees at MIT and minored in relativistic quantum field theory." ... no big deal.

    These are three really good articles, yo. You know I have my thoughts on the MegaChurch movement. :)

  2. yup those are good aren't they....

    and i know you have thoughts on that LOL