Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October Kindling

+ Ember is working with a college community impact team in November - we're hitting up Philly. Always excited to work with TayEst and her team.
+ Initial feedback on a youth leader missions mentorship something something something we are doing. Yeah, we have to find a better name. But that's some good feedback, I think.
+ You should have seen the interns jump in last week at the M conference. They loved meeting people and saying hi and telling people who they were and what they were doing there - it was beautiful. They were for sure the youngest people there. One of the speakers came up to me to tell me how impressed he was with them. [They were like this before I got to them...]
+ Even more beautiful - the way they befriended a stranger on the rental car shuttle bus. I can help them learn about global missions but they already know how to be kind.
+ Matt Klingler is launching a church in downtown Silver Spring in the next few months. If you are in that area, this is one to watch.
+ Summer 2012.
+ It's also not too early to think about end of the year tax donations. If you want to donate to fund some emerging global student leaders, help me help them learn some tangible skills.
+ I have an appointment for a colonoscopy with a guy named Dr. Butt. True story.

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