Monday, October 10, 2011


I've been thinking about a leadership principle Vince Antonucci shared at M a few weeks ago: "Your assumptions create your crowd." Vince spoke about it in the context of creating a faith community, but really, give it some thought and you'll see how it applies in so many domains.

I've spent the last 8 or so years surrounded by some amazing young people. Their dedication, tenacity, ability to learn, and resolve to change the world always continue to impress me - we are better for being around them. And of course, not everyone is interested in the kinds of things we do, which is totally fine. But... how did we get so lucky to be around these kinds of people?

I think Vince is on to something. We assumed certain things and that created our specific crowd of students. Here are some of the things we assumed:
+ that kids want to change the world
+ kids can and will have influence
+ give students some information and guidance about the way the world really looks and they will make significant decisions that they otherwise wouldn't
+ suburbs could be the epicenter of potential

I don't think they are ordinary assumptions people make for middle or high school kids. And that's why the Ember tribe is extraordinary.

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