Thursday, October 27, 2011

Releasing It for Greatness

I'm officially releasing an Ember project to two very capable guides. I'm releasing it because the guides have the capacity and proximity to run this project better and I trust them and know they have the Ember ethos. And I'm releasing it for greatness.

It's a small afternoon service project for a youth ministry that is taking some first steps towards community service and evangelism and social good. I know TayEst and Emily are going to do a fantastic job introducing some students to the concepts of poverty and sacrifice. It will be hosted by Em's grandfather's on the boardwalk ministry, which has some deep roots in Ocean City, Maryland, a well known resort town to Merrylanders. Emily served here all last summer, and by the way, she was on the AZ 2010 team and her dad serves on Embers Board of Directors.

Some of the greatness I can predict - like maybe satisfaction of walking some younger people through serving those less fortunate or knowing the meal you packaged really made a difference. The rest of the greatness, lets remember in 2511.

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