Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Idea Experiment #1

Earlier this summer, I was challenged to think about an idea model for Ember and not just think about the idea [or ideas.] So I jotted some details about other possible side projects that Ember has expertise in and could possibly contribute to. Dea and I bounced these back and forth, edited the copy and sent it to the Board for fun. These would be cool projects to work on, they fit Ember, maybe they would contribute to a portfolio of revenue. August comes along and out of the blue, one of these projects becomes a tangible opportunity, dropped out of the sky.

We are working with two pretty awesome youth pastor type people doing some coaching in the area of youth missions. The content weaves in and out of concepts like current global missions issues; philosophy of student missions; and tactical missions planning. It's pretty fun so far and the feedback is pretty positive so far. Most of it is a once a week email on one of these subjects and follow up conversations and a face to face or video chat once a month. One of these people is local and the other one is actually going to fly here to join us on an Ember experience in November.

Tell you more about these results in the next few months, but I knew this would be an experiment worth trying - youth pastors already have a tremendous amount of responsibility and workload, so if we can help them, we will. And I'm already thinking that we'll do it again if we have willing participants.

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