Monday, June 13, 2011

Dream Year #2 - Idea Models

Finding a successful model for your idea is like turning the tumblers in a combination lock.
Many many of us have ideas, but not many idea models. At Dream Year, I learned that there's a pretty clear distinction and that we need both. I've been spinning over the whole concept when it comes to Ember.

Not only that, most of the young people I come into contact with have good and even great ideas. [Notice that many of them are not content with running with your ideas...] But they are missing the idea model. Plant a church, start a nonprofit, create a third space for a marginalized subculture, create mediums to tell stories about global issues - lots and lots of ideas. Their thoughts may need some help to expand.

As you can imagine, this translates into cross cultural service as well. Global missions at the core is about one idea, but throw in context and culture and the possible idea models number in the infinite. It would do us well as we to guide future global leaders to come up with the best ideas as well as idea models that support them.

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