Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June Kindling

+ Our summer camp outline is coming together pretty well I think. 3 days on site. Ah Florida.
+ Trevin has landed a part time position with Baltimore Serve the City. Love seeing the connections being made. Seems to be tons of momentum with lots of churches, npos and para service orgs.
+ Sent out 92 support email letters. Heard from lots of friends which was awesome. The walk to the mailbox is filled with anticipation.
+ Got invited to a birthday party. In Prague.
+ What's your cap on how you do fundraising? What's out of line - poker, gaming, cigar and wine bar?
+ Looking very forward to #DreamYear this Friday.
+ Even though I'm writing this last night, in one hour, I hope to have Hillsong United tickets.
+ 15 minutes in catching up with KellanD included how he flew to surprise his girlfriend in Senegal; what a remarkable experience in cultural distance that was; and info about a phenomenal internship he scored this summer in renewable energy. Tell me a career like that won't get him to the nations.
+ Participating in a little beta project with one of my virtual mentors. The project is fun enough but learning how he thinks is once in a lifetime.

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