Monday, June 27, 2011

Dream Year #3 - The Dreamers

Not only was going to Dream Year fun for the content - it was a great environment to meet other people working in various stages of their ideas. Lots of varied ideas including church and ministry stuff, nonprofits, musicians, media and business ideas. Like I've mentioned before, the future will require leaders to start and initiate new things. Dream Year oozed of that.

Here's a few dreamers you might be interested in tracking:
Moo Kim - major media company
David Huey - Hungry for a Day NPO
Bittersweet Zine - quarterly publication of local and global issues
Gary Waldron - The Aragorn Project, mens mentoring journey
Joshua Symonette [who i met at vision trek]
Colleen who i have known forever
Mike Hall - youth ministry motivational speaker

One of the most interesting observations from Ben:
NCC [National Community Church] is a culture of dreamers.

This concept is especially relevant to me, having served in various roles, for small amounts of time, on leadership teams at different levels in my own church. It seems to be much easier to guard your resources, direct people towards a certain level of conformity and give people a token blessing all for the sake of 'strategic direction' rather than embracing the dreamers and releasing them. The more difficult task, of course, is to create a culture where people are free to do the things no one is doing to reach the people no one is reaching.


  1. Love that last paragraph. Might have to print that one out for the wall.

  2. thanks chris. huge challenge....