Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Burn

::: Irony about Jesus and culture
I think Jesus wants to lead us past terse reactions to being confronted with other cultures. I think Jesus wants his Church to transcend even the slightest hint of ethnocentrism.

::: Plywood People - Fundraising
Very cool idea for those of you that are doing some fundraising for mission teams.
Link via jeff shinabarger

::: Detailed Definition for a Church Planting Movement
This definition includes leadership, discipleship, ministry, breadth, depth, and time. Less than 100 churches, regardless of generations, do not constitute a CPM. More than 100 churches, but not at least 3 generations deep, is not a CPM. It has to happen within two years or it does not qualify. The two years can count from the initiation of the work, or count back from a given point in time. If counting back, 3 new generations must be demonstrated. If the work is not locally initiated, locally led, and obedience-based, and ministry-producing it is not a CPM.

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