Friday, March 05, 2010

Latest Kindling

I'm tired of taking care of the dying. While we are navigating a new reality, it's going to be back to mobilizing the living very, very soon.

+ I connected a church in DC with a mission org's local on-the-ground team in an urban center in Europe. Honored to be a fly on the wall reading the content about connections and context there. Small world - two of the people realized that they had actually met before.
+ One of the intern's synthesis paper contained content about global migration, the 10-40 window, people groups and stuff from Alan Hirsch, Ralph Winter, and the Joshua Project - it's like an Ember Cast thesis. Wow, I might be out of a job.
+ Having conversations with a college aged guy who had his heart on Haiti even before the earthquake hit. I'm working with him on some support raising, cultural expectations and defining success for his mission trip. Some of you know RyanB, SPACE intern TriciaB's brother. Always fun to see family members catalyze each other.
+ Helping throw a list of ideas together for a student who is pursuing a gap year. Like anytime someone suggests skipping or delaying college, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this list.
+ Spring time = summer mission support letters. Two camps of people - the ones with envelopes and the ones with imagination.

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