Monday, March 08, 2010

Networked Interns

The interns and I worked through a section of The Forgotten Ways last night. It's great material but a bit heavy for a high school kid - they've already read through small parts of it. I'm glad that we read through it together - outloud, stopping for questions and explanations with them highlighting lots of examples from this year.

Last night we worked through a section on organic systems and network theory - that's valuable because the leader of the future is going to understand the balance of movement and institution and some of that will come from understanding how networks of ideas, things and people work.

Some bullets from a section in chapter 7:
+ The organization must be adaptable and responsive to changing conditions, while preserving overall cohesion and unity of purpose.
+ The organization must cultivate equity, autonomy, and individual opportunity.
+ The organization's governing structure must distribute power and function to the lowest level possible.
I can't tell which part I love more. That the interns are reading this or that the interns are embodying this.

See more of their reading here.

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