Monday, December 14, 2009

Beyond Beyond

Grace wrapped up the Beyond series a few weeks ago and the planning team met last week to decompress the series. [See some of my notes here] A discussion like this centers around the idea of engagement - how do we engage our community of faith, can we influence others to influence others, what can we do to help people act upon what they have learned?

Three quick ideas from our discussion:
+ The relationship between interest, execution and momentum.
Sometimes when you generate a ton of interest, you have to give it a bit of time before people will actually commit to doing something about the idea. Momentum takes time to build - you might accidentally be trying to execute too soon.

+ The Beyond+Joyous Giving raised an amazing amount of money.
Grace takes a "Joyous Giving" offering every November to help people in and near our community during the holiday season. This year, this idea was combined with the Beyond series to help fund a few other needs with some overseas partners as well. The amount of money raised - all for external needs outside of "our ministry" - was amazing. Even in this economy, people want to be invited to join with others to take steps of faith.

+ We have to help people to either identify or to move forward in these big bucket roles in the global missions movement:
Pray | Send | Welcome | Mobilize | Go
You can probably see how this one is a big one to me. To that end, we are planning on a "Missions Launch" gathering to help people identify and go to the next level with this idea. Contact me if you might be interested.

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