Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in Books

1. The Last Lecture
2. Two Views on Women in Leadership [notes]
3. Culture Making [notes]
4. Habits of Highly Successful Families [also from 2008]
5. Axiom [notes]
6. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters [notes] ** best read book of 2009 – can’t say enough good things about it
7. Missional Renaissance
8. Fight for Your Money
9. The Blue Sweater [notes]
10. Wide Awake [notes]
11. God's Continent
12. The Monkey and The Fish [notes]
13. Church Unique - need to reread this
14. Sheet Music [ow ow]
15. The Hole In Our Gospel [notes]
16. The War of Art [notes]
17. Biblical Eldership
18. 200 Pomegrantes and An Audience of One
19. The E-Myth, revisited
20. Find Your Strongest Life [notes]
21. Built to Last
22. Jesus Loves You
23. Movements that Change the World [notes]
24. How the Mighty Fall [notes]
25. Design Thinking [still reading]
26. What The Dog Saw
27. Visioneering [still reading]
28. Primal [notes]
29. My Sisters Keeper

I have to tell you though, for all these books I read this year, my reading of the Bible was pathetic. Looking to change that in 2010, but I'm not going to publicize it, just in case...

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