Monday, April 06, 2009

Worth The Unimaginable?

Seth writes about having to deal with the accidental death of a student serving with AIM. Unbelievable.

The longer we do this - taking students out of the familiar and comfortable to act upon a world of great need - the odds get better and better for accidents and tragedy. You cannot prepare for this.

I've lost kids, had a kid call his parents joking that they were lost, almost left my seven year old in an Austrian subway station by herself. Had kids get hurt - knife wound to the thigh, bit by a dog, dragged through Paris subways with sinus infections, stomach and intestine issues - one kid self medicated himself with Cipro, another one threw up right upon passing through customs after landing back in the US.

But all of that is trivial compared to this. And it must make you ask, is it worth it?

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