Monday, November 03, 2008

Try This - Reverse Missions

What: Host a team in your local community. Put your experience, connections and network to use by playing mission host to partner team.

Once you've got some partnerships and trust going with other organizations, ministries, etc. you can pull this off. Instead of your team going, have your team host. Host homes, tour of the local sights, serving with local, indigenous ministries in your community [this might take some heavy lifting to get off the ground, but you can do it.]
The Columbia, MD plan looked something like: DC for a few days - serving with local ministry friends, NYC for a few days including visits with a few ethnic churches and serving with some friends up there.
This might actually require an even greater amount of involvement and engagement from your team than if you went somewhere. You'll also understand first hand what an enormous job it is to host teams. That's always a good experience.

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