Friday, November 28, 2008


This Thanksgiving, I'm starting to understand that I'm really thankful for influence. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with the enormous responsibility and privilege to influence a few. Of course, that starts at home. What a gift and experience to be able to mold and shape two of God's most abundant blessings - my two daughters. At many times, it's overwhelming and thinking about it for too long can drive a person crazy - all of that responsibility. But it is what it is - and I'm convinced that my kids are meant for great destinys with the backdrop of an epic story and a role that only they can play. And my role as a dad, and our role as parents, is unique in the same way

I'm also thankful for D and her influence. Not only the way that she thinks, communicates and her intuition - all huge elements of direction. But I'm thankful that she is a true patron of influence. In the same way that history refers to 'patron saints' - those that intercede or advocate for others - D has been a huge advocate for those with influence - especially me. When it comes to activities, learnings or people that will sharpen our [you and me] influence, she is our biggest fan and the investment and sacrifice is always worth it. She truly sees far and away - molding the right people now to have more influence later takes seeing life through a special lens.

Finally, I'm thankful for you - the others outside of our family that have given us enormous gifts of trust. For our friends in SPACE, readers of this blog and others within our realm of community, I'm grateful for you, your willingness to listen and learn, to ask for guidance, to be open to being led, to being a part of God's great story. Like my kids, having your trust in me for guidance, advice and inspiration is huge. But believe me when I say that I trust you all the more.... trusting that you will make a mark in human history. Trusting that the future will be different because of you - for that, I'm so thankful.

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