Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Try This - Global Orbit

Does your church have an extended piece of your community living intentionally in another part of the world?
Does your student/college ministry have two or three very mature students interested in global missions, culture and mission that have participated in some level of cultural engagement, spiritual formation and are well prepared to contribute to your community on a global scale?

If so, send these students on a global orbit.

- Two or three students - mini team.
- Two or three weeks at a specific location serving with a family/team from your community.
- Depending on logistics, two or three specific locations - meaning about 6-9 weeks total. Or more. Do a subset of your global partners. In a few years, do it again with another group of partners.
- You are sending a piece of your local community to serve and bless the part of your global community that have left home to reach those that aren't reached yet.
- Intention of students are to serve and learn as much as they can. They don't do this unless they are willing to give their lives away. This is not summer camp.
- Part of participating is within three weeks of return: a detailed written report to your leadership [pastors, elders, mission board, etc.] and presentation to your body, both about their experience, what is happening at each global site and what their intention is for the future.
- These reports should also include: what is working well and not working at all, how the local culture is important, what measurements define success.
- Check into round the world flights. Have one dedicated person at home to help with logistics issues meaning they are prepared with Skype, text messaging, direct line to a travel agency and love to be woken up in the middle of the night to hear from some young people that are experience life to the fullest.

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