Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday RocketFuel

::: Free Bed Nets and Malaria
Results from a new survey by the World Health Organization on free bed nets.
In Ethiopia, deaths of children from malaria dropped more than 50 percent. In Rwanda, they dropped more than 60 percent in only two months.
via Defeating Global Poverty

::: Need to get some ideation - take a hot shower
Right before you take your shower, think about something you want to write or a subject you'd like to write about. As you shower, just let the idea roll around in your head. A hot shower naturally helps your body produce DHEA, so you'll find that your brain/mind makes synapse connections in this environment.
- Tim Sanders

::: Morning Brief
- FP Passport - the blog from the editors of Foreign Policy, does a Morning Brief post every weekday. Essential for those of you that have the world on your heart.

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