Sunday, February 10, 2008

Humana 2.08 - Unreasonable

The team and I had a great time in Orlando, attending Humana 2.08. Lots to process and lots more to do.

::: My Notes
Alex McManus
We are created to explore, risk and move into the future.

At NASA, there is a memorial to astronauts who have died. Most of the squares are empty, waiting to be filled.

We are called to point to a world that none of us know yet.

Sarah Conner Chronicles - "Taking Back the Future"

In communication, the listener is sovereign.

What is God saying to us through unreached artists, musicians, etc?

The Spirit is speaking prophetically but that isn't limited to people inside the Church.

Being intentional is the most natural when you know the Gospel.

I'm convinced that the Holy Spirit is in a subwoofer.
Gerardo Marti
Christianity is a missionary religion. That is why we engage culture. It is inevitable that we meet people that are different from ourselves.

Genesis 11 - expansion of ethnicities based on Babel
Genesis 12 - God intends to bless them ALL

Church must move from therapy to inspiration.

Jesus discipleship process - Mark 5 - sends the healed man back to his home - was a region of 200 miles and 10 cities
Discipleship is simulateanously
- coming to Jesus
- being sent out
Luke 10 - the 70 are given the same edict as the 12

We must recover the word "apostle"

Jesus doesn't think about leadership as maximum control, He thinks of it as maximum opportunity.

Catalytic leadership - John 20:21
Key question - How will this multiply?

Instead of reading the Bible for personal direction or information, we should read it with the filter of "I have responsibility for other people." Some of the Scriptures just don't make sense outside of a leadership lens.

We don't need to teach people to be creative. We need to give them permission.

To create a culture of creativity:
- what stories are you telling
- mentor people to be creative
- what do you reward
Brian Russell
The framework for all passages of Scripture: mission, holiness[character], community

Matthew 18 - the cliched passage about church discipline
Jesus says to treat them like a tax collector or sinner - the lost, exactly who Jesus came for.
Dean Sharp
Meaningful things must survive honesty.
The West doesn't teach people how to fail well.
Thorsten Moritz
Churches cannot afford to exist as hierarchical institutions
::: Random Thoughts
+ The format was very discussion based. It looked like:
12 minutes from the speaker
5-7 minutes of discussion based on a question the speaker left you with.
At certain times, there would be a "decompression", with half of the room interacting with 2 or 3 of the speakers on one side, while the other half interacted with some other speakers, and then we would switch. Decompressions were a huge hit and made the whole time much more interactive.

+ On Friday, we drove from Ocoee to Daytona Beach, hung out there for an hour or so, and drove to Downtown Disney for lunch. We left there right for the airport and then flew home. Amazing day. Yes I went in the water. No, not all the way. Yes, MPM went all the way in.

+ I spent the first hour trying to gauge how my team was responding to the conference, since it was a little difficult to explain exactly what it was. By lunch, they were hooked. Our team decompression on Thursday evening was packed.

+ Ever seen three Ideations ideate? It's like ice hockey.

+ We watched the SPACE shuttle launch on the large screen. Well sort of. Right before it launched, we ran out to see it from outside, but it was too hazy.

+ The team set a lot in motion for Mission Advance. Tell you more about that later.

+ I got to hang with Chris Marsden and Ben Boles, as well as spend a lot of time with my good friends MMM and K. It's always great seeing them and they are an anchor point for SPACE, the Shengs and that part of the world.

+ What I loved most was hearing how inspired my team was. More than information, we left with motivation. The world will be different because of what happens next.

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