Monday, February 18, 2008

1 More - Hungary 2008

Oh.... and one other team for this year.... In addition to the 2008 summer teams, I'm also taking a team back to Hungary again this summer, once again to serve with Christian Associates International. I didn't really post that in the official announcement because this team is a bit different than all the other teams.

This team is targeted for students that have a deep interest in world cultures, global missions and perhaps a cross cultural career. At least, in theory. Practically speaking, this team will get a chance to serve and interact first hand with some dear friends who have decided to leave everything in order that humanity could be different. They have literally left the 99 to go after the 1. This team gets shaped by sharing in that experience, at least for a few days.

We have a lot of work. Unlike last year, this year we will be running the whole show. It's a fun challenge but also a bit daunting. So we have already begun to prepare, firstly by inviting some very talented and passionate leaders, because *everything* rises and falls on leadership, and don't try to kid yourself otherwise. Tell you more about these leaders soon. The rest of the team should be final by the end of February.

If you are a leader, there are some opportunities you should be creating that are more exclusive, ones designed specifically so that you can directly invest in the best and brightest. And I say that knowing that all of our 2008 teams are going to be incredible. Most of you know that I have a lot of fun in brainstorming, dreaming and empowering our teams to go out and serve. But at the core, I'm a futuristic developer, molding and shaping people for the future. And this team experience represents what I must do and what I do best.

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