Friday, February 01, 2008

Traveling and Humana 2.08

The blog will be a tad silent over the next 10 days or so. Here is what is on the agenda of this particular student ministry global catalyst.

+ Disconnecting from the world with the fam this weekend.

+ Speaking at my second GCC Leadership Development Program workshop, "Leading in the Global Matrix" on Monday evening. If you are around and interested, I can sneak you in.

+ Flying to Orlando on Tuesday afternoon through Friday evening to attend Humana 2.08 with a team of people from SPACE. Should be a very exciting time of learning, processing and connecting. Although I won't be updating this blog, I will be updating Twitter. You can see the updates in the sidebar on the left or at this link. I did this a few weeks ago while in NYC and really just had a ball with it. The 140 character limit is a great catalyst for creatively summarizing what you are doing and why. Expect to see some more detailed reflections next week. [Related: Humana 2.0 2007]

+ Summer 08 plans get published next Sunday, 2/10. Some are going to be amazed and some are going to think we are out of our mind.

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