Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Difficulties of Late

The blog has been fairly quiet for a few days now and I've probably tried to write this post 20 some times. We've had to deal with a few very difficult situations last week - some of them would have been quite frustrating on their own. Instead, they have been coupled with one of the most difficult decisions that I have been involved with since SPACE started. It has not been easy and I know the leaders that were involved have begged for discretion and wisdom, as have I.

It is vitally important that we protect the reputation and ministries of our host missionaries. This means that we send the best teams, teams that are well prepared, teams that go above and beyond when it comes to serving and relating and individuals on teams that do their very best to do right. Just as important, we protect our leaders, not putting them in situations where their leadership can be easily compromised. We absolutely trust them and we will set them up for success in every way that we can.

Because both of these values came into jeopardy, we as a leadership team were forced to make some changes to one of our summer teams, which departs in less than a month.

Our leaders are to be commended - they were prayerful, discerning, inviting feedback. When the time came to act upon a decision, no matter how painful, they did the right thing. Sometimes, doing right will haunt you for years.

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