Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Potpourri

::: African Windmill
William had to drop out of secondary school in 2002 because his family lacked funds to pay his school fees. Determined to continue his education, he started reading books from the primary school library, which had been contributed by USAID in a teacher training scheme. He discovered a pair of books on energy, one of which included the design for a windmill, and he began work on a five meter tall windmill near his family's home, built from scrap timber, an old bicycle frame, and blades made from PVC pipe heated and pounded into flat blades. The windmill powers a bicycle dynamo, designed to power a bicycle's headlamp. William ran the bicycle dynammo through a transformer, which provided enough power to charge a 12 volt battery. That battery in turn powers four lights, two radios and a mobile phone charger in William's home.
via My heart's in Accra. Also see William's blog

::: Ghost Cities of 2010
Detroit, Michigan, USA; Alexandria, Egypt; Tianjin, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bangkok, Thailand; Banjul, Gambia among others. Link.

::: Viewing youth class divisions in MySpace and Facebook
MySpace and Facebook are new representations of the class divide in American youth.

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