Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reimagining the Wordless Book

We had another Hungary team meeting late last week and as the plans for the staff conference and our team continues to gel, there is a real sense of destiny and purpose for what we are going to do there. This is one of the phases of trips I love - an undercurrent of nervousness, excitement and energy, intersected by the unknown and mystery all the while knowing that we are doing something important.

One of the tasks our team has been charted to do is this element of evening fun with the kids, centered around the Wordless book. It's a great concept since some of these kids don't speak English and some of the kids will be able to go back home to non English speakers and communicate what they believe without having to use language words.

Our team is comprised of Christian kids - the wordless book can easily become an all to familiar cliche to all of us. So I challenged the team to really expand their imagination about how to communicate this. We need to make an experience that is powerfully centered around these ideas - and I know this team can pull it off.

Here is what we brainstormed - remember the brainstorm phase means not saying no to any idea, no matter how unrealistic.
- paint 5 different hotel rooms the colors and walk the kids through
each one
- skits based on each color where all the participants are dressed/face
painted in the color
- pick out film clips from popular kid movies that illustrate or
symbolize each colors principle

Creativity, innovation, experimentation. How would you break the cliche of the wordless book?

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