Monday, December 11, 2006

SPACE Orbiters

You are interested in world cultures, global missions and launching your friends on an adventure while you live a big life that takes on the trajectory of Jesus and his strategic orbit from culture to culture, country to country, planet to planet.

You feel personally responsible for:
- compelling old and new friends to serve humanity in ways largely outside of their comfort zones
- making friends with people that have no idea what the word 'church' means
- engaging friends and strangers that have backgrounds from other cultures
- living a life filled with moments that intersect destiny, hope and mission

You will:
- get a chance to dig deeper in your interests in world cultures and global missions
- watch as your friends impact strangers they never knew existed
- be a part of tri-weekly interactions centered around student missions, the core values of SPACE and your gift to mankind
- help architect mission experiences for your friends and peers based on your interest in cultures, your high tolerance for risk, and your passion for your culture

The world is your playground and your heartache.

Photo: EllyK and TriciaB - SPACE Orbiters - on the beach in Kribi, Cameroon, August 2006.

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