Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006 in books

A list of books that I read [or sort of read] this year with some comments in order of my recommendations to you - top of the list are must-reads.

:::The One Thing You Need to Know
Lots of great stuff about leadership, managing and focus. If you have any influence over people [and you probably do even if you don't think you do] you need to read this. Easy reading, great stories. [My notes - Chapter 2, Chapter 4, Conclusion ]

:::The End of Poverty
Amazing book about the incredible possibility that extreme poverty will be nonexistent when our kids grow up. Gives a great view of the world that most of us never encounter. Those of you that are technically inclined will really appreciate the section on solutions to extreme poverty which are all based on transferable technologies. I'm still working through this one. [My notes - Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.]

:::Organic Church
Very different view on growing churches and people organically. Some good ideas that can be transferred for student ministry. You will enjoy it. [My notes.]

:::A Whole New Mind
Fascinating book dealing with abundance, globalization and teaching our minds to think in different ways. Each chapter also has some great experiential exercises to bring the concepts to tangibility. Some of our students are already wired this way. [My notes on Symphony and Abundance.]

:::The Making of a Leader
This is a really good and weighty book - it takes time to work through. Therefore, I need to read it again and spend more time working through it. And when I say weighty, I mean that you can almost see the impact of *your* leadership and growth on others - both in good and bad ways.

:::Shaping the Spiritual Lives of Students
Good view into adolescent spiritual growth. [My notes - Chapter 7 and random quotes and my review at]

Good. Not as good as Waking the Dead, but good.

:::Confessions of a Reformission Rev
Whether you like Driscoll or not [I do mostly,] it's a good read. As someone not in vocational ministry, reading it gave me a new appreciation for those that are. [My notes.]

Fun and intriguing read. Very interesting ideas and Gladwell has a really fun, engaging style of writing. [My notes]

:::The Celtic Way of Evangelism
Good read - lots of good stuff in here. I'm pretty sure some of it was covered in Perspectives though. So would be good if you haven't taken that class. [If you haven't taken it, GCC is offering it in the Spring - contact me for more details.]

Fun book. Probably a little less of a revelation to those under 30. But a good read.

:::Messy Spirituality
Skimmed it mostly. Lots of people liked it. Didn't engage me like I would have hoped. Could very well be that I need to read it again.

:::Ambassador Children
Skimmed it. Good concept.

Also in there: a few real estate books, Exiles [which is really good but needs more attention] and the Walt Disney World Celebration Catalog.

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