Tuesday, December 05, 2006

InterVarsity - U of MD College Park - speaking notes

Loads of fun tonight with the gang at College Park - thanks again for hosting me! Below are my notes....


::: Intro
semester as a missions experience
God can speak and mold you
Jonah - God walks Jonah through the experience
spend a few minutes tonight walking through your semester
see it as a missions experience
also talk about going back home

::: This Semester
three questions
- most fun experience
- most embarassing experience
- experience gave you the most self-assurance (talent, strength, energized, etc.)
Share out loud

ST: D's friend in college that shrunk all his clothes

Encourage and challenge you to think about the lessons you learned this semester - not only about the world - but about yourself
College such a great environment to do that

Take the time to work these ideas and burn them in your heart
talk in relationship
serve others in community
ask God to speak to your heart

Resource to be posted - 30 great questions

::: Reentry
All of you will go home soon
Some of you will love it and some of you will hate it
Could be:
great family and home life - empowered, energized, welcomed home
terrible home life - current and history of abuse, neglect, dysfunction
and any extreme in between
Home life is just as important as any mission field

ST: retreat story - homeschooled into public school - "they are really human too"
Sometimes we don't see our family as human

Let's look at going home as re-entry into a different culture as well

one filter:
Learner [vs. Teacher]
posture of humility, engaged, curious, seeking, open
You want to impact a culture, start to learn about it
Language and food - two biggest ones
focus on language
not only on what is being said, but what is not being said
what is really being communicated
patterns of communication that are non-literal
what are the legends in your family
what makes your family simply your family

ST: a dna from my parents is a very low threshold for risk - communicated not in words but in desire and ideas that are elevated and honored

ST: Many many debriefings and rentry discussions
- riding the subway for the first time
- learn another language
- taking risks for Jesus was totally worth it

ST: Cameroon team in Paris
one student - on the brink of a new reality - school on the west coast - right after Africa
scared, excited, a whole range of emotions
need that time to process
prepared for something to come in the future

dont forget that this time is preparing you for something huge
you are the world's only hope

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