Sunday, December 31, 2006

Urbana 06 - Missionary Trading

Urbana 06 is going on right now - you can get both the audio and the video from all the sessions as they become available at, which is really cool. I've never been, but maybe one of these years I should go.

I've been following a few people who are blogging from the conference. One snippet that intrigues me:
"One practical challenge that Muriu [plenary speaker Oscar Muriu] offered – when American churches send a missionary to the Two-Thirds World, they should also work to receive a missionary from the Two-Thirds World. When churches send a team on a short-term trip, they should likewise receive a team from their partnering church or mission. The North American church must realize how much it needs the life and perspectives of our brothers and sisters around the globe to help us live missionally in our own culture. After all, every part of a human body both gives and receives from others. We are impoverished if we think we have nothing to receive from the majority world church."- Al Hsu, from the Suburban Christian
Sort of like our Reverse Missions idea, but even better. Working out an idea like this would continue to make SPACE one of the most innovative, creative and strategic student missions movements around.

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