Monday, September 01, 2003

sorry its been a little while.
here is what is new:

1 - my padwan, K, went off to college, his freshmen year. good choice of schools. in his first few days, he was feeling a disconnect between people talking about being successful at school/career and his calling for strategic missions. interesting, huh? more to come about that.
2 - the Missions Task Force at GCC has asked me to coordinate a group going to Urbana this Christmas break. a great thing for me to be doing, mobilization wise. this event can take my former high schoolers to a level that i simply could not, in terms of mobilization, calling, exposure, teaching, etc. very cool. so far, there are about 5 from 03, which was the grade i helped shepherd.
3 - kickoff for the service/mission team at GCC, our first meeting tomorrow night. we have a leaders retreat we go to this coming weekend to announce and socialize with. we'll see how that goes, but its pretty cool.

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