Thursday, September 04, 2003


hello K!.

In other news, kickoff for the service/mission team....
Some goals and values...

• Provide service opportunities for students to be involved in.
• Intelligently target kids who are not already involved.
• Another tool for discipleship – growing through serving.
• Teaching on various service/mission topics.
• Bridge the gap between different age ministries (middle school/high school/gen X) - range of people serving together.
• Enabling students to see their giftedness in a serving opportunity.
• Provide support and focus for strategic, progressive, graduated student missions. (longer term goal)

• All service lies somewhere in the realm of evangelism (I Cor 3), therefore, opportunities will be pointed towards interaction with people when possible.
• There is a correlation between service and missions.
• Devotionals and debriefs for every event.
• Constant evaluation via survey forms.
• Adult leaders/chaperones are integral.

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