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Text of a Missions Newsletter I get. Kind of cool. I'm not a youth pastor but sometimes I pretend...

RESOURCES--2003-09-09 (Top Recommendations)

Below are the responses I received to the question: WHAT RESOURCES HAVE
ENGAGEMENT IN WORLD MISSION? I was a little disappointed at hearing back
from only 20 people, but those 20 people had quality recommendations. In
each section (Books, Curriculum, Periodicals, Seminars, Websites), I put
at the top of the list the resources that were recommended by more than
one person (using the asterisk for a bullet), then the rest of the entries
for the category follow in alphabetical order (using the plus sign as a
bullet). Usually children’s resources are made into a separate category,
but I combined them with the rest. ~Nate Wilson, Editor

* CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN AND NOW - published by YWAM, biographies for
kids written by Janet and Geoff Benge - about a dozen in the series -
around $6 ea.: www.YWAMPUBLISHING.COM (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM and Pete
and Esther Errington - Mission to Unreached Peoples)

* LET THE NATIONS BE GLAD! The Supremacy of God in Missions by John Piper
(From: Bob Kuseski - ACMC & Jerrid Stelter - YWAM)

* OPERATION WORLD by Patrick Johnstone. Information and prayer requests on
every country in the world. (Kid’s version is WINDOW ON THE WORLD by
Daphne Spragett) (From Jerrid Stelter - YWAM and
Nate Wilson - Caleb Project)

* SERVING AS SENDERS by Neal Pirolo Contact Emmaus Road Int'l. 7150
Tanner Ct San Diego CA 619-252-7020--A practical guide to helping
Christians serve as "senders". and THE REENTRY TEAM - 14 translations, 12
custom editions and the ERI edition - 400,000 copies out (From: Bob
Kuseski - ACMC and Neal Pirolo - author)

+ CAT & DOG THEOLOGY by Bob Sjogren and Gerald Robison (From: Bob Kuseski - ACMC)

McCurry. (From: Durwood Busse - Presbyterian Church)

Bunnell - GMF)

+ MAXIMUM IMPACT SHORT-TERM MISSION by Peterson, Aeschliman and Sneed
(From: Durwood Busse - Presbyterian Church)

+ MISSIONS IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM - 21 Key trends for the 21st Century.
The best book I have read on current mission trends and issues. The author
is Stan Guthrie. Publisher is Paternoster Press. Copyright is 2000. (From:
Chris Alexander - Missions Pastor)

+ THE CHRISTIAN AND THE "OLD" TESTAMENT by Walter Kaiser (From: Durwood
Busse - Presbyterian Church)

+ TODAY'S ALL-STAR MISSIONS CHURCHES by Tom Telford (From: Durwood Busse
- Presbyterian Church)

* GREAT COMMISSION TOOLBOX CD: Includes "Bright Ideas!" binders from
Wycliffe with various activities and projects to help people understand
missions better. For PRESCHOOLERS, for GRADES 1-6, and for TEENS & ADULTS.
Full instructions and reproducibles for each activity. Available from or (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM and Pete
and Esther Errington - Mission to Unreached Peoples)

* KIDS AROUND THE WORLD World Religions and culture studies from a
missionary perspective, for ages 5-12. Includes fantastic videos and
curriculum books. THUMB focus. 10 W. Dry Circle, LITTLETON CO 80120 (From: Jill Harris - Caleb Project
and Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

* M & M KIDS by Jill Harris, Teaches biblical basis & strategy of
missions to kids. This has stood the test of time in children’s curriculum
and provides a good Biblical foundation to any subsequent material on
missions. 4663 Crown Hill Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23111. 1-888-661-9920; (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM and Jill Harris -
Caleb Project)

broad overview of missions and equip students with Biblical, historical,
cultural, and strategic knowledge for mission involvement. For adults of
all ages. Any church can host the official course, or the material can be
adapted for a variety of settings - as it already has been adapted with
Worldwide Perspectives, Perspectives Exposure, Life from God’s
Perspective, Vision for the Nations, Path to God’s Glory, Perspectives on
the World of Islam, etc. Perspectives mobilizes more churches and
missionaries than anything else. (From: Durwood Busse
- Presbyterian Church, Nate Wilson - Caleb Project)

* WORLD CHANGER CURRICULUM - Through the Bible Publishers, 1133 Riverside
Ave. FORT COLLINS CO 80524; 1-800-284-0158
Preschool & Levels 1-6 (Corresponding to grades one through six) State of
the art visual materials. Missions woven through out, with 13 week units
on missionary heroes and Church history. (From: Nancy Tichy and Jill
Harris - Caleb Project)

Available through Caleb Project. Sessions to build Biblical world view in
the lives of preschool children. (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ GLIMPSE: by Paul Van Der Werf (4-week small group study) contact: (From: Brian Klotz -

+ GOD’S GOT STUFF TO DO And He Wants Your Help - Created to expose kids
to what can be done to help share Jesus with the nations. It is designed
as a follow-up to Kids Around the World or other missions curriculum.
13-week curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, a video, and student
booklets for kids to write in and take home. (From: Jill Harris - Caleb Project)

+ GOD'S HEART FOR THE NATIONS - great resource. It is an interactive
Bible study that takes people from Genesis to Revelation, showing God's
heart for the nations in the Bible. The last lesson is about how to
incorporate a global perspective into the spiritual disciplines. I have
been through this twice and taught it two more times. I highly recommend
it. 52 pages, 2003 “In eight lessons, author and global activist, Jeff
Lewis, lays bare the heart and mind of God as he combines powerful Bible
passages with challenging and provocative questions. Each lesson is
followed by a time of meditation and focus on an unreached people group.” (From: Mark Rogers - Baptist

+ GREAT COMMISSIONARY KIDS by Pete Hohmann (417)862-2781 FAX:
(417)862-0503 Email: The-Great-Commissionary “They don’t have
to wait until they grow up!” Everything you need to know to mobilize kids
for ministry. (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ KIDS ON A MISSION - major blocs of unreached peoples: Christian &
Missionary Alliance P.O.Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500 (719)
599-5999 Three ring binder, reproducibles, lesson plans, and video
presentations for each of eight sessions. (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ THE GREAT KIDMISSION Editor: Mary Gross Gospel Light Pub. At your local
Christian bookstore. (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ THE TRAVELING TEAM’S 12 Lessons “Challenge to Become a World Christian” (From: Brian
Klotz -

* MISSION FRONTIERS, from USCWM, in Pasadena. For
readings and articles to stay abreast of mission thinking and strategy.
(From: Brian Johnson - Mission Committee and Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

* MISSION MOBILIZERS E-ZINE - Equips Christian leaders to mobilize for
missions. Includes articles, resource lists, Q&A forum, and world
newsbriefs. (From: Brian Johnson - Mission Committee and of course Nate
Wilson - Caleb Project)

+ ASK A MISSIONARY Explore recommended resources &
links on becoming a missionary and portals for short termers, senders,
intercessors, welcomers. Post questions and read answers on
Support-Raising, Selecting an agency, The Call, Tentmaking, Training,and
Singles/Families. (From: Brian Johnson - Mission Committee)

+ BRIGADA TODAY by Doug Lucas. The mother of all mission Email
newsletters. or subscribe at Brief profiles on technical
resources and all sorts of other mission resources. (From: Brian Johnson -
mission committee)

+ CMDNET WEEKLY UPDATE from Bob Hall from New Zealand. This offers more
general and current news about mission happenings and resources (and a
smile :-) (From: Brian Johnson - mission

+ GOD'S MISSION PROMISES: A weekly e-column written by Phil Bickel,
Produced by LCMS WORLD MISSION. This offers a story/anecdote that leads to
a wee Bible study and a couple of penetrating questions, and it has very
limited Lutheran content, making it appropriate for anyone. (From: Brian Johnson - mission committee)

+ NAME (Network of Australian Mission Enthusiasts) The School of Cross
Cultural Mission at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Australia has a
monthly e-zine for mission secretaries and mission enthusiasts in local
churches. Contains biblical reflections on the role of the local church in
world mission, practical ideas on how to raise mission awareness in a
local church, and news on appropriate resources. Email: with the message "subscribe-NAME" (From: Brian Johnson
- mission committee)

* MISSION MOBILIZATION SKITS by Caleb Project. 22 popular skits (4-15
minutes each) including the revised and updated World-View Demonstration
will enable you to provide entertaining and impactful presentations that
adults and youth will enjoy. The accompanying video demonstrates six of
the presentations and includes training. Topics include: priorities,
distractions from missionary service, awareness of unreached people
groups, the power of prayer, God's heart for all nations, and many more.
Tap into more than a decade's worth of powerful experience in church
mobilization with these skits. (From
Jerrid Stelter - YWAM and Nate Wilson - Caleb Project)

* UNVEILINGLORY - The new "Cat & Dog Theology" from Bob Sjogren that
replaces the old Destination 2000 series. This is a fast-paced multi media
PowerPoint presentation; he has trained several other speakers to give the
presentation. Check out or (From: Bob Kuseski - ACMC and Nate
Wilson - Caleb Project)

+ DAY OF DISCOVERY ( From: Jim Allen
[] (ACMC)

+ GLOBAL FOCUS ( From: Jim Allen
[] (ACMC)

+ Ken Williams' and International Training Partners' interpersonal
relationship skills seminar and website at (From: Pete and Esther - Mission to
Unreached Peoples)

* OPERATION WORLD: Make it your home page! They
have a daily devotional and it's like getting an email daily, except they
don't have to manage a mailing list! (From: Brian
Johnson - mission committee and Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

+ GODSKIDS.ORG You’ll love this one. (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ JORDONCOOPER.COM Blog from a pastor in California named Jordon Cooper
(From: Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

+ LEADINGDYINGCHURCHES.COM (From: Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

+ MISSION ONE: - Some good studies downloaded from there
for students (From: Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

+ PEOPLEGROUPS.ORG (From: Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

+ SAMARITAN’S PURSE: Highly recommended prayer
tool, especially good for weekly use in families: PRAYER POINT published,
free, every other month by (From: Nancy Tichy - USCWM)

+ THE TRAVELLING TEAM - A ministry that
travels to college campus to mobilize college students. Some good studies
on there too (From: Tony Sheng - Youth Pastor)

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