Friday, October 26, 2018

QCommons Baltimore - notes

Some quick notes from the QCommons gathering last night in Catonsville.

: Jo Saxton
hospitality - it is not a gift but it is an instruction
leaders and influencers - you are to be hospitable
take this personally, offer this freely

: James Misner, World Relief
the evangelical church is the most hostile to refugees
WR has signs in their office instructing people how to use toilets because sometimes their clients don't know how
22M refugees worldwide - 66% of these are Jesus followers
We cannot buy a solution to the refugee crisis.
Congo and South Sudan [vs Middle East] are where most of the displaced people are today.

: Jeanne Allert, The Samaritan Woman
this talk was crazy good.
no notes would give it justice.

: Scott Harrison, Charity Water [huge fan]
solution agnostic - we use 13 technologies for the water issue
Dirty water is illegal in Heaven
personally traveled to 69 countries, been to Ethiopia 37 times
Do not be afraid of work that has no end.

: Bob Goff
People follow availability.
We go where we are accepted, not informed.
I make coffee nervous.

: Luke Casagrande, Grace Fellowship
God is omnipresent, we are singularly present.
Our phones give us an idea that maybe we can be more than singularly present, which divides and diminishes our presence.

I would have thought turn out would have been more - probably less than 50 people there. All 3 local speakers were excellent, as well as the broadcast ones. Liked the format - 9 minute talks with breaks for discussion, very TED talks like. The push for donating to money to World Vision right after Scott Harrison's talk was very odd - it felt weird to ask for money for a different charity than from the speaker we just heard from. I've followed some of the Q stuff in the past and have found the content helpful. Tonight was well worth it and loved having some of the Ember team there.

Photo: Hailey, Audrey, Hope [previous ProtoGuide and now staffer with The Samaritan Woman, which is why the barcode], Emily, me.

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