Monday, October 29, 2018

Better Practices - Pre and Post Trip Assessment

This is a series of posts that outline our better practices - tactical things that you could do right now that The Ember Cast has found highly profitable for growing global leaders. Feel free to use these ideas with attribution, meaning just say, "I got this from The Ember Cast."

For summer teams, most summers we do a pre and post team assessment based on our core list of global concepts. Quite simply, we are asking team members to explain an important global concept both before and after the trip. We would expect that they might or might not know the concept before the trip and our hope is that after the trip, they would know it really well and have a real life example of it.

The pre assessment is an integral part of our team application and is executed as a whole section of questions on global concepts, such as indigenous, person of peace, or contextualization. The post assessment is done as a follow up to summer teams after they have returned home - we have not been as good at this as we should be. But of course, for students to understand it, someone has to teach it, model it, illustrate it.

There are lots of global concepts that are never taught to our students and yet are extremely applicable to them in their current context. Instead, many of us believe that these ideas should only be taught to adults who are committed to the mission field. Your summer team is an ideal experience where students can glean real life examples to lots of these concepts. Don't ignore such a huge opportunity.

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