Wednesday, October 31, 2018

ProtoGuide Blogs

One of the pillars of our ProtoGuide Experience is having the students read and write. They are given a weekly reading assignment and they are to write about their experiences through the semester or year by posting on a blog. I still believe what Seth Godin says about blogs - that consistently posting to a blog is one of the best ways to lead your tribe. So we make the ProtoGuides write one too.

They read a variety of things, including books and articles, all designed to give a postmodern, innovative glance at the global missions space. And they write because no matter what you do, you must be able to communicate. The best practice for writing is writing.

Here's a few posts that you might enjoy:
A Day in DC
My College Essay
A Wee bit Irish
Are you a Rung

Thanks for reading. You can follow along by adding their blogs to your RSS reader [I use feedly.]

Photo: John and Drew, the very first Ember ProtoGuides. Philly, 2010.

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