Monday, November 27, 2017

The Skill of Curation

Curation is a skill that you should get good at. Because it will help you make better leaders.

It's Perspectives teaching season around here because I teach some of the later lessons, mostly lesson 12 which is 4 weeks from the end of the class. Perspectives is still one of the best tools to get people involved in global missions and if you are interested in this kind of stuff, go sign up for a class in the Spring.

On the right in this picture is Pastor D, who helped coordinate a class last week and is a local and global missions pastor. The class was held at his church and most of the students in the class were people from there. I loved what he did near the end of our time - he engaged the class with two very specific, contextual questions about the material and how it related to their church and their global efforts. It could have been a talk show he was moderating. Or a panel discussion. Or a really good dinner party conversation. In essence, he curated a discussion.

In today's tech culture of constant news and noise, if you can help the people you lead concentrate, dig and learn, to converse over a specific topic, to help them uncover wisdom from others in a conversation, you will have achieved a difficult and great feat.

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